Carol Florence, Among Three Other Local Leaders, Talk Workforce Housing


Four local leaders talk workforce housing

In September the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce – in partnership with the Economic Vitality Corporation, the Home Builders Association of the Central Coast and the California Association of Realtors – hosted a second housing summit that brought employers, developers, planners and lenders to the table to discuss the challenges that hinder and opportunities to help increase a diverse housing stock.

As part of the Chamber’s continued efforts to bring together multifaceted points of view to discuss issues effecting San Luis Obispo, we recently asked four community members to share their views on challenges, misconceptions and possible solutions to San Luis Obispo’s limited housing options.

As a principal planner for Oasis Associates, a landscape architecture and planning firm that she started more than 30 years ago, Carol Florence has been deeply involved with the regulatory process and development projects throughout the Central Coast.

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