Bowden Ranch Estates

City of San Luis Obispo

Bowden Ranch, LP; Bowden Ranch Estates & Mangano Homes, Inc.

Year Completed:

Development Plan
Vesting Tentative Tract Map
Conditional Use Permit


Bowden Ranch, LP enlisted Oasis Associates, Inc. to entitle the residential development and manage the consultant team.  Bowden Ranch Estates & Mangano Homes, Inc. retained Oasis Associates to develop architectural guidelines for individual homes in the development.  Bowden Ranch Estates is a 40-acre single-family residential development comprised of 24 lots. In addition, the project includes dedication of 27 acres of permanent open space to the city.

Circumstances Unique to the Project:

  • Historically and environmentally sensitive site (i.e. Bowden adobe) (e.g. creeks, monarch butterfly).
  • Significant public outreach.
  • Preservation of publicly accessible open space.
  • Coordination with San Luis Coastal Unified School District.