East Airport Commerce Park

County of San Luis Obispo / San Luis Obispo Area Plan

East Airport Development, LLC

Year Completed:

Vesting Tentative Tract Map
Conditional Use Permit


East Airport Development, LLC retained Oasis Associates, Inc. to manage the professional consultant team and guide the project through the entitlement process.  East Airport Commerce Park is a 58-acre (26-lot) commercial subdivision. Build out of the project will result in 500,000 square feet of commercial service type uses.

Circumstances Unique to the Project:

  • Initiated and participated in a three (3) year State Route 227 Task Force, which culminated in the ultimate layout of improvements and Memorandum of Understanding for the State Route 227 transportation corridor. The Task Force included:
    • Caltrans
    • City and County of San Luis Obispo
    • Airport Manager/ General Services
    • San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
  • Substantial public outreach and community involvement.
  • Wastewater handled offsite via Fiero Mutual Water Company, treated and utilized for irrigation on the project site