French Hospital Healing Garden

San Luis Obispo, CA

Dignity Health

The Healing Garden at French Hospital Medical Center is one of many projects Oasis has completed for the French Hospital Medical Center Foundation in the pursuit of their vision to create a vibrant health care facility. The healing garden is located at the main entrance of the hospital where it invites patients and visitors to have a moment of tranquility. Healing gardens have been scientifically proven to provide therapeutic and restorative qualities. For these psychological benefits, more and more of these sanctuaries have become a part of medical facilities all over the world.

In our design we incorporated the following elements to enhance the user’s therapeutic experience:

  • A green wall composed of a variety plants to minimize the amount of exposed wall.
  • A fluid two-toned wall tile design to add more visual interest to the vertical planes.
  • A labyrinth that circles to the center intended for meditation and contemplation.
  • Two water features to provide gentle ambient background sound.
  • Shade sails for exposed areas.
  • Multiple art installations to add color and movement.
  • A Zen sand garden.
  • A variety of seating elements that accommodate intimate and social interactions.