Ms. Moovement Takes Center Stage


Ms. Moovement Art Cow with Oasis Associates Team

Purpose: A Prime Project

A Team Effort for a Worthy Cause

Oasis Associates, Inc. is pleased to be a sponsor of CowParade SLO, a local art event with an international reputation. CowParade, which first began in Chicago in 1999 and has been hosted in such illustrious cities such as Paris, Madrid, and Rome, boasts a fundraising total of “over $30 million globally.”

Our cow, Ms. Moovement, made her debut at the Madonna Inn fields on September 17, 2016. Her body is made using a UV-resistant adhesive material covered with actual landscape architectural designs from our repertoire of projects. Both the materials and the printing service were generously donated by Tony and Stacie Westbrook of Coastal Reprographic Services (CRS).

Ms. Moovement will be auctioned off in May of 2017 to benefit the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County. Swing by our office and get a selfie with our beautiful bovine. Better yet, take photos of the entire herd using the Interactive Cow Map. Yippee-Ki-Yay

Design: Cultural Landscape

A Global Four-Legged Movement Supported on a Local Scale
Ms. Moovement Art Cow with landscape design theme

Ms. Moovement Art Cow with landscape design theme

We often view land use as a local environmental issue, but it is really a matter of global importance. Historically, a cultural landscape represented the combined works of nature and of man – a landscape designed and created intentionally by man; an organically evolved landscape; or even an associative landscape which may be valued for religions, artistic or cultural associations.

Our team of land use planners, landscape architects, and artists ( conceived of this design as a representation of the coarser grain of the Earth’s surface with the finer grains of the landscapes created by human culture.

As practitioners, we understand land use changes, acknowledge the trends in global agricultural supply and demand, look toward improving our ability to balance human needs with environmental stewardship; and promote secure landscapes across the globe and locally.

We have embellished these core concepts with a bit of whimsy – a living garland representing happiness, aspiration, beauty and the celebration of life.