Oceano Dunes Stabilization Efforts


Oceano Dunes

Oasis Associates has prepared visual simulations for the California Department of State Parks’ 5-year mitigation plan which aims to increase vegetation and dust control measures within the Oceano Dunes. As of September 14th, the plan has been approved and mitigations are underway.

Dust from the dunes has reportedly caused negative impacts on the residents of the Nipomo Mesa. As the last remaining beach that allows off-highway vehicle access, hazardous air-quality in the “high emission” off-roading areas is of major debate and concern. As a result, the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District implemented a temporary “Dust Rule” in 2011 to monitor and preserve the park.

Expanding on past implementations, the comprehensive 5-year plan will plant 20 acres of native vegetation per year, deploy 40 acres of seasonal dust control measures including wind fencing and straw bales, plant trees downwind of the State Vehicular Recreation Area, install and maintain dust and meteorological monitors to evaluate dust levels, and install grooved concrete at all exits and entrances. Upon approval, the commission did note that they are still hoping for a more permanent fix to the dust concerns.

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Examples of Visual Simulations Completed by Oasis Associates

Examples of Visual Simulations of Oceano Dunes Completed by Oasis

Examples of Visual Simulations of Oceano Dunes Completed by Oasis Associates