Hotel Cerro (formerly Garden Street Terraces)

City of San Luis Obispo

Garden Street SLO Partners, LP

Year Completed:

Conditional Use Permit
Vesting Tentative Tract Map


Garden Street SLO Partners, LP retained Oasis Associates, Inc. in order to guide the project through the entitlement and CEQA processes.  The Garden Street Terraces redevelopment project is a complex combination of existing historic building and new commercial/hotel/residential development proposed for downtown San Luis Obispo on a 1± acre site. The redevelopment includes a mix of uses consisting of a hotel with restaurant/café/bar and lounge, commercial retail space, a neighborhood market, residential units, and subterranean parking spaces. This project will contribute to the economic health of the downtown; help support the downtown as the civic, cultural, and social center of the City, and accommodate the needs of the neighborhood and residents, while also appealing to the visitor.  Please refer to the “White Papers” section for a case study specific to this project.

Circumstances Unique to the Project:

  • Partnership with the City of San Luis Obispo (owners of surface parking lot #2) and resultant Memorandum of Understanding between the applicant and the City
  • Redevelopment in the downtown core
  • Preservation of historical buildings
  • Substantial public outreach and community involvement